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‘That great Kenyan novel will eventually come. Perhaps, it will even emerge online, like the novels of Alexander Nderitu.' - Joyce Nyairo, cultural analyst, 'Daily Nation'


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Alexander Nderitu, a Business Daily 'Top 40 Under 40' personality, is one of the most promiminent writers in the Commonwealth region. A writer, poet, playwright and Internet guru, Nderitu was born on 23rd April which is also William Shakespeare's birthday and UNESCO's 'World Book and Copyright Day'. Some of his literature has been translated into Kiswahili, Chinese, Swedish, Arabic and Japanese. His other interests include Progressive Rap Music and Sports Entertainment.

After studying IT in college, Nderitu relocated to Nairobi city where he worked as a movie reviewer and later as a Website Designer. His  IT background  led him to explore Internet options for literary work. In November 2001, he became Africa's first ‘digital novelist’ with the Internet publication of his signature thriller, When the Whirlwind Passes.

In 2004, he was nominated for the Douglas Coupland Short Story Award for his despairing spy story, Life as a Flower. In the Spring of 2007, Life as a Flower was included in the Reading Section of an assessment exam in Pennsylvania, USA.

In late 2007, Nderitu won a Theatre Company prize for his humorous stage play, Hannah and the Angel. The play was performed in 17 different venues, including Phoenix Theatre in Nairobi, by the Fire By Ten acting group. In 2012, Hannah and the Angel was translated to Japanese.

In 2008, he released his first poetry collection, The Moon is Made of Green Cheese, which is available in paperback as well as e-formats on the award-winning Print-on-Demand website,

On 19th November 2008, Nderitu’s office-based stage play, The Smartest Guy in the Boardroom, played to a full house at Pumwani Social Hall, Nairobi. The performance was done by Changing Scenes theatre group.

In 2008, he released a short story anthology entitled Kiss, Commander, Promise. The title story from Kiss, Commander, Promise (a spy story set against the backdrop of a fictional African Cold War) has been optioned for film and is also being translated into Japanese.

In 2009, two short Nderitu stories, 'Rock and Republic' and 'A Cold Day in December' were both shortlisted in the Kwani?-organised writing competition whose theme was 'The Kenya I Live In.'

In 2010, controversial author/researcher David Icke used the poem 'The Moon is Made of Green Cheese' by Nderitu to defend himself against allegations that he once worked for British intelligence. Laughing off the claim, Icke (the self-styled "most controversial speaker and author in the world") wrote on his official website, 'That must have been at the same time that I sprouted wings, flew to the moon for a green cheese sandwich and then went on to Mars for a chocolate bar. Oh yeah, I remember now.' And below that, he posted the wacky love poem.

In 2011, he co-founded, along with other artistically inclined/talented people, the Artists for Contemporary Theatre (A.C.T.) stage and film production group.

In January 2012, Nderitu released a research document entitled Changing Kenya's Literary Landscape (2012 Onwards). The free document made a bigger impact on the literary scene than any of his fiction had ever done and was praised by aspiring writers, established writers and the media alike. It also earned him friends both at home and abroad, and inspired a flurry of copy-cat non-fiction papers by fiction writers. In late 2012, was appointed the Deputy Secretary-General of Kenya PEN, the local chapter of International PEN (The oldest literary movement in the world).

During the 2013 General Elections, he briefly worked as a Social Media Consultant for a government department.

In 2014, Nderitu's poem 'Someone in Africa Loves You' was chosen to represent Kenyan literature during the Commonwealth Games in Scotland. The poem has since been translated into Arabic by Egyptian intellectual Mohamed Ghoneem (Egypt). Later the same year, Nderitu appeared on the cover of 'Zuqka' which was then Kenya's widest circulation entertainment magazine. Also in 2014, Nderitu released another research document, entitled Changing Kenya's Literary Landscape 2: past, Present and Future. The document has thus far been accessed in over 100 countries, making Alexander Nderitu the most widely read Kenyan author under 40 years of age.

In 2016, Nderitu contributed some poems and the short story 'Harvest of Blood' to the 'IFLAC Peace and Anti-Terror Anthology' e-book project. The collaborative work consisted of articles, short stories, poems and haikus from 93 contributors in 23 different countries. Besides promoting peaceful resolutions to world problems, the 'Peace and Anti-Terror Anthology' is taught in several colleges and universities, and is especially impactful in the Middle East.

Nderitu has given talks at universities, literary events and writers' groups and has been at the forefront of promoting reading and writing with the aid of technology in East Africa. He contributes articles on arts and culture various newspapers and online magazines. His essays and poetry have appeared in such publications as the Indian-based Ars Artium (peer reviewed) and Mexico-based The Ofi Press.


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'I read many entries on this site, but the two stories that stood out for me are “Rude was the Shock” by Alexander Nderitu, and “Thousand Meter Sea Shell” by Tristan Jacobs. “Rude was the Shock” is about a death investigation being carried out by an Insurance Claims Investigator named Trace Tergat.  Mrs. Manish is the recently deceased, found with her head split open on the floor of her bedroom and the only thing missing from the house is her insured jewelry collection. The other players in the story are all close relatives, Mrs. Manish’s frail husband, daughter Leela, granddaughter Devi, and Devi’s fiancé Visha...There are two aspects of Nderitu’s story that grab my attention. The first has to do with multiculturalism in Kenya...' Read full review

'Love the poetry postcards from around the Commonwealth - find out more on Our favourite is Someone In Africa Loves You, by Alexander Nderitu from Kenya' - The Chapter Glasgow

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When the Whirlwind Passes cover


Maggie's encounter with Michael Othaya, the young heir to a multi-billion-shilling fashion empire, marked the beginning of a cataclysmic cycle of events that would involve sex, manipulation, conspiracy...and first-degree murder. To be sure, the Sultans of Fashion had had their fair share of scandals and intrigues in the past. Overly ambitious and genetically predisposed towards greed, the rich and famous Othayas were no strangers to controversy. But it wasn't until Michael and Maggie - a ghetto princess - started romancing that the feuding family's civil war reached its climax...

‘Alexander Nderitu is one of a handful of young, brilliant writers to come off the Kenyan terrain in the recent past. His books (hoping there will be many more)…are pure commercial escapism, and brilliantly written at that.’ - SATURDAY magazine/Daily Nation

'Set around a filthy-rich African family, Nderitu weaves a wicked narrative of romance greed and murder in high society.' - The Highland Tribune

Kiss Commander Promise



In Kenya, an Egyptian defector becomes the focal point of an African Cold War... In North Korea, a disillusioned spy plays a cat-and-mouse game against his own secret service… In Canada, a successful businesswoman must outwit a stalker who has come a little too close for comfort… In Israel, a secret plan to bio-engineer an army of cloned soldiers creates 'the perfect storm’ of controversy… Back in Nairobi, an investigator is called in after an Indian family’s wedding plans turn into funeral arrangements… Elsewhere in Kenya, ripples of alarm begin to spread when a soon-to-be-crowned Nobel laureate goes missing, believed kidnapped… Meanwhile, a love triangle between a high-strung cop, a naïve writer and a beautiful girl spirals dangerously out of control… And finally, the Rwandan Genocide is revisited in a heart-rending tale of courage, sacrifice, hatred and fear…

‘A Kenyan novelist in a class of his own.’ – mmnjug (arts blogger)

The Moon is Made of Green Cheese



From a writer who was born on William Shakespeare's birthday comes this delightful collection of poems craftedover several years.The Moon is Made of Green Cheese is a literary safari that will take you from the world's beaches to the depths of the cosmos, from human relationships to the feeding habits of crocodiles, from philosophical thoughts to love in the time of malaria...Like a great pot of jambalaya, there's something here for everyone, and if this anthology doesn't become an instant hit with readers, then the world is upside down and the moon is made of green cheese! (Available in paperback and e-book formats)...

'Master of prose and poetry.' - The Highland Tribune

Hannah and the Angel
A scene from Hannah and the Angel

All of Alexander Nderitu's scripts for stage plays by are now available for licensing. Modifications / translations can be discussed with the author. Click here for more information.


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